Design and Build Construction
General Constuction Contracting
Construction Manager At-Risk Approach
Agency Construction Management
Specialty Subcontracting

Large-scale ambition with a personal touch

While we specialize in a number of construction verticals, including healthcare, education, religion, recreation, agriculture, and commercial, each project comes with a unique set of needs and challenges.

Over the years, Hasslen has earned a reputation for meeting these challenges with innovative solutions made possible by our expert management team, strong subcontractor relationships, and the dedication of our skilled construction teams.

We offer a variety of project delivery methods to meet the needs of our clients:

Design and Build Construction

design-build-construction.pngIn design/build construction, you contract us to provide all design and construction services required for the project. We then assemble the teams who collaborate with you to provide an efficient, well-executed building experience.

This approach offers you the most control of any process because we oversee the entire project from start to finish to be fully responsible for the success of the build.

General Construction Contracting

general-constuction-contracting.pngIn general construction contracting, you hire an architect separately to prepare drawings and specifications for the project before contracting us to perform the construction, either by negotiation or competitive bid.

We will work with our team of trusted subcontractors to provide value-pricing based on your plans, with the option of either fixed-price or guaranteed maximum contracts. We also have our own team of highly-skilled craftsmen able to perform a large percentage of trade work on each project.

Construction Manager At-Risk Approach

construction-manager.pngConstruction management at-risk (CM at-risk) is a process that allows you to:

  • Select a CM based on qualifications
  • Make the CM a member of a collaborative project team
  • Centralize responsibility for construction under a single contract
  • Provide a bonded guaranteed maximum price

CM at-risk is a collaborative process. CMs provide advice on construction cost and technology during the design phase to protect concepts and maintain budgets. The increased involvement the CM has during the design process allows them to make recommendations to ensure the project’s success. All expenses are open knowledge to guarantee clarity between contractors, the owner, the architect, and the CM.

CM at-risk saves time and money, reduces your overall risk, and produces a more manageable project with predictable outcomes.

Agency Construction Management

agency-construction-management.pngThrough agency construction management, you hire a Construction Manager (CM) to work with your architect on the design, planning, and construction of a project. The CM will be directly responsible to you and will act in your interest through every stage of the process. In agency construction management you will still engage with subcontractors independently. 

Throughout the construction process, the CM will use their expertise to offer advice on matters such as:

  • Project scheduling and controlling scope of work
  • Enhancing project design and construction quality
  • Budgeting and scheduling consequences of design decisions
  • Avoiding delays and disputes
  • Optimum use of available funds
  • Flexibility in contracting and procurement

Specialty Subcontracting

specialty-subcontracting.pngHasslen’s skilled craftsmen are available to perform specialty subcontracting services on building projects. Our craftsmen’s capabilities include:

  • Concrete work (ACI-certified)
  • Rough and finish carpentry
  • Crane service
  • General Construction
  • Steel/Metal Buildings