Hasslen has thrived for six generations through the strong sense of responsibility and investment shared by everyone on our team. From top to bottom, our employees are not afraid to get their hands dirty for the benefit of the project and the client.


We offer our clients the modern technologies necessary to execute ambitious, large-scale projects, with the attention to detail that only a small team can deliver.


Our clients trust us to give them honest, accurate information about cost and timelines, and to be transparent about progress and developments throughout the lifetime of a project. No client of Hasslen will ever encounter hidden fees or empty promises.


After years of experience in both the public and private sectors—specializing in industrial, healthcare, education, recreational, religious, and agricultural constructions—we’ve gained a reputation for the versatility of our services, which we are able to cater to the unique challenges of each individual project.


At Hasslen, we believe every client deserves the best building possible using resources to fit your budget. We are efficient with our budgets and schedules to confidently deliver a high-quality, high-value final product.